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By 12th February 2013 4 Comments

Hey everyone!

Sick leave over. Ended it with The Hobbit and Cho and a lot of chocolate. Life is good. God is faithful.

Apparently, YED has not been published since they went on their Christmas break, so I am not behind. Yay! I am right on top of it. Yay! So back to work.

I’ve written only 800 words of Good Intentions. Out of 100,000. My procrastination is powered by fear, but I’m gonna have to do it afraid, so I’m going to log in some words today. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s my Good Intentions playlist, made up of songs that remind me of my plot and characters. I don’t know if I can actually write with it, but we’ll see.

Take you back – Jeremy Camp
Superhuman – Chris Brown and Keri Hilson
Nothing without You – Bebo Norman
Fighting Temptation – Dietrick Haddon
Hope for Every Fallen Man – Relient K
You Decide – Brandon Heath
Grey – BarlowGirl
Talk to me – Jill Scott
In Better Hands – Natalie Grant
Hands up – 2PM
Walk by Faith – Jeremy Camp
Body and Soul – Billie Holiday
The Fight Song – Sanctus Real

Does the playlist give you an idea of what Good Intentions is about?

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  • @ikeamadi says:


    From the songs, I think that it talks about God who always has good intentions for our lives.

    No matter where we've been, what we've done, if we allow His love permeate our lives, it is able to make us stronger and survive every difficulty.

    It is a win win situation for us, if we hand over our lives to God seeing that He is a God of good intentions.

    That was what came to mind : )

  • Many challenges for characters, temptations, struggles, faith, hope, lots of sorrow, frustrations, solutions. Maybe some unusual things too (Superhuman?)

  • Timi says:

    Phew! Finally online!

    You're both quite close, but Pam dear, I've already discussed the story with you so the prize goes to @ikeamadi.

  • Timi says:

    PS. Papa Goo, who I have not discussed the story with, deduced from my playlist that it was about vampires…

    No. I don't think I could ever write a vampire story. I'm way too squeamish. What happens when it needs to feed?

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