Hey hey hey!

I dropped off the map. I know. I wanted to try out writing, rather than just blogging about writing, and as usual, found the process frustrating and depressing. Alas, maybe I am not supposed to be a writer.

But wait…The Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop called for entries. I sent in mine. What would it hurt? And I was invited for the workshop.


I’m not so bad. Lazy, and lacking discipline and self control (damn romance novels. And chocolate. And cake), but not a bad writer.


Workshop took 10 days. A couple of my fellow participants – Uche and Sifa – blogged about Day 1, and yes, it was life changing stuff.

Can you see me? Hint: Pink shawl

So now what?

Now to make my wonderful teachers proud. Speaking of teachers, a very big THANK YOU to Chimamanda Adichie, Eghosa Imasuen, Binyanvanga Wainaina, and Aslak Sira Mhyre for investing their time and knowledge in me, and all of us (The Girls and Boys Club of Chimamanda).

I’m off now to make it work.

PS. A big Thank You also to Papa Goo and The Goo for giving Mummy some time off. Big Hug!

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