…is paved with Good Intentions.

That about sums up my efforts with Good Intentions. I don’t think I have ever had writer’s block. Technically, I can’t even say I believe in it. I know when I have failed to write it’s often because I’m too tired, too lazy or too out of sorts to write. With Good Intentions, it’s possible that it’s a combination of all three, or just one out of three, or maybe I’m just blocked.

The thing is the more I think about the story I want to write, the less I want to write it. It’s just not enough ‘story’ to justify the work required. Or maybe I’m being lazy.

I tend to internalize a lot of things, and my characters are doing that as well, and stories are about externalizations of conflict not gut burning emotions. The obvious solution would be to have them act out because of their emotions but anything I think up feels so contrived. Sigh.

I’m such a basket case.

Papa Goo thinks I should dump them and do the short story thing. Believe me, I am sorely tempted. Not writing is making me feel guilty which makes me feel out of sorts which impinges (Word of The Day) on my ability to write.

A vicious cycle.

…Sigh. That’s my Good Intentions update.

How’s your day going?

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