I gat you.

Deadlines still loom and I seriously need to sleep. The thought of writing anything new seriously makes me want to cry, then maybe throw something. Not my laptop. Maybe fruit. Like a coconut. Is it a fruit or a nut?

(Inner meanie: You’re a nut)

(Inner doormat: Yes. I know)

Anyway, below is a link to my story ORIGINS. It’s a story from my IOD Universe (the one I’m supposed to be building) and the same universe where the last two free writing stories are from. ORIGINS is also the story I contributed to a Handful of Dust, the anthology containing stories from the participants of the  2013 Farafina Workshop. Awesome stories written by awesome people and amazing writers. Get a copy. You won’t regret it.

Anyhoo, here’s ORIGINS. I hope you like it!

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