So…Joy put up a very nice blog post and put up a link to this ‘ol place, and I decided to swing on by and…em…clear out the cobwebs I suppose.

Still cross-eyed. Trying not to multi task so much. Probably failing.
This is the hardest part – when babies are small and completely dependent on you for their entertainment.

And feeding. And fashion choices. And survival, I suppose.

But entertaining them is the hardest part. Same thing goes for toddlers as well. The Goo’s favourite question after ‘Why?’ is ‘What should I do now?’
Every time she asks, I flashback to myself as a child asking my mother a variation of that question “I’m bored. What should I do now?
My mother’s responses ranged from ‘I don’t know’ to ‘Leave me alone!’ to ‘There are plates to wash’ to ‘Here! Read this M&B’
(To a nine year old, Mother! SMH)

Anyway, we’re not talking about the beginning of my romance novel addiction. No, we’re talking about how to entertain small children without causing permanent damage.

I’m still trying to figure it out but this is what I do:
(oh goody, a list!)

  1. Don’t park the 3 year old or the 4 month old in front of the TV – I’ll admit this is tempting, especially if you’ve paid for the full subscription on DSTV. I mean, it’s not as if I can watch any of my shows when they’re awake. Sigh. However, studies have shown (Google is your friend. And I’m too tired) that it’s bad for their wee little brains.
  2. Do encourage them to play together but supervise – At the moment, The Goo is sulking ‘cos I won’t let her put a piece of cloth in Baby Z’s ear. I have to make sure she understands that when I say it’s okay to play with him, I don’t mean as a toy.
  3. Boundaries are important – For the toddler. who must understand that leaving the house without telling Mummy is a non-negotiable, spanking offence. Boundaries for the baby? Please, don’t make me laugh.
  4.  Read to them – Yes, I know it’s time you don’t have and the toddler keeps interrupting to ask questions and the baby keeps drooling on the page but just keep at it, and make sure you do the voices, and soon they’ll both very happily fall asleep.
  5. Let the toddler entertain the baby – The Goo loves to dance. I love to play music. Baby Z loves to watch his sister. Kismet.

That’s all I can give to you today. They are done playing with each other and require my input. Oh joy!

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