At this moment, I am loosening my braids; I have water on the fire for noodles, and I am all set up to give Baby Z his evening bath.

This is my life now – extreme multi-tasking. So extreme I get cross-eyed with feelings that range from self-pity to rage to ‘I want my mummy’ homesickness. Sad, since this is my home.

Depressing, if I think too much about it.

So I don’t – I think instead of the dishes that have been in the sink for the past 3 days…at least, we have eaten.

I think of the clothes that have been in the machine since yesterday…no be my mates they use hand wash.

I think of…my daughter dancing like a white chick to Britney Spears.

I think of Papa Goo playing video games with her while Baby Z sleeps and Mummy is in a timeout. Sssh. Do not disturb,

I think of my Dad. I wish I could call him.

I can’t complain.

Actually I can but I don’t want to. At least, not right now. cos The Goo is dancing like a white chick. Papa Goo is bathing Baby Z, and I’m smiling cos I’ve been giving a reprieve from the crazybusiness of it all.

For now.

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