Day 2 of Sick Toddler Duty. It’s been tough. I tend to freak out about stuff so watching my baby boy (he’s a baby today, yes) in pain is stressing me out. The Hubby has been the voice of reason, reminding me that it’s not about me.


Anyhoo, today’s post (a bit of a ramble, really) is about books (could you tell?)

According to what I put down on Goodreads, I’m currently reading 13 books. Add the Doctor Who and the box set – The Way of the Wolf, that would be 15 (Yes, a box set is more than one book. But let’s not overwhelm Timi, alright?)

1.  Doctor Who – Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons: I started this yesterday, or day before yesterday (it’s a blur). I needed some happy and there’s an embargo on romance novels this month (more on this some other time), and I love the show (I really do!), so why not? What do I think so far? It’s alright. Looking like a 3 star read, but let’s see, the ending might surprise me (not likely).

2. Leadership Secrets of Jesus by Mike Murdock – Sigh. I’m reading this book really slowly because it is kicking my a**. Personal development is not automatic and there’s a lot I need to improve on, so yeah, I kinda avoid this as much as I can.

3. Risking Everything – A poetry collection that I’ve had for years. I decided to finish it this time. No matter how long it takes. I don’t hate poetry, but the thing is if it’s good, I don’t need a lot. I’ll take the one awesome poem and chew on it for a while. And this book has 110 poems. So. Yeah.

Those were the print books. On to the ebooks.

4. Way of the Wolf – A box set from instafreebie. Paranormal Romance. I’m taking a break from this one because the next book in the queue reminded me of the characters in Patricia Brigg’s Cry Wolf, which I want to read first. So. Till then.

5. The Fireman by Joe Hill – I started this a while ago, and then I got to the part where…sumthin sumthin (spoiler)…and I was troubled (nope, not scared), so it’s been in the freezer. Metaphorically speaking. I will finish it though. I just don’t know when.

6. The Confessions of St. Augustine – If I were still Catholic, St. Augustine would be my patron saint. I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages, so when No Romance December started, I thought why not? Issa long book, people. Issa gonna take a while.

7. Demons and Djinn – Another box set. YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. I like box sets, because it’s a great way to discover new authors and new series. I often get them at a discounted rate through Bookbub. This box set has been alright. I think I found one author that may be interesting. Maybe. We’ll see.

8. The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker – Because my craft will not improve itself. Must study.

9. The A-Z of Ebook Publishing by Edirin Edewor – This little gem of a book helped me figure out how to put Pepper Soup in the Amazon Kindle Store. I’m at the bit about marketing, and have slowed down because it’s kicking my a** and I need to apply the lessons or I’ll forget all about them once I close the book.

10. The Aspiring Author’s Guide: Write Your Marketing Stratefy by C.T. Luna – I don’t know if you’ve figured it out by now, but sales and marketing make me extremely uncomfortable. However, if I’m serious about being an author entrepreneur, then I need to get out of my comfort zone. Enter this book. I’ll definitely be reading it over and over again.

11. Morning Star (Red Rising 3) by Pierce Brown – I’m trying to finish this before next month when the next book will be released but OMG the angst! I need a minute.

12. The Everyday Life Bible (Amplified Bible) with notes from Joyce Meyer – So the plan was to read through the Bible, I have been stuck at Leviticus…for a while. 

13. The Best American Short Stories of the Century by John Updike – So I like love stories. Correction I love love stories. Romance novels are my go-to happy place. However, as a writer, I need to read different genres. So every now and then, I try to read literary fiction. Hmm. It’s mostly good. The stories and the writing. All good stuff. However, like good poetry, I am unable to speed read through. I’ll take one story and think about it for days. I’ll dream of the characters and all the different ways the story could have gone, and dream about character motivations and arcs, and a million and one what-ifs. Not good. Sleep is important to me, so you see how I can only take a little bit at a time?

14. No Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel – Paradigm shifts take time. I’m not finishing this one any time soon.

15. Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way by Gary Chapman – This one is an audio book. Audio books are great for when you have chores. Also, great to listen to as you lie in bed waiting for sleep to take you but are too tired (not lazy!) to hold your kindle (show of hands if you’ve been slapped in the face by a kindle). I started this yesterday night. I dozed off and woke up in Chapter 4, so I’ll have to go back and find my place. Maybe tonight. Maybe.

That’s all for now. I’m also eyeing one of The Goo’s books. It’s a Shaun the Sheep book, and I enjoy the show so maybe. 

Anyhoo, that’s me. Now, it’s your turn. What are you currently reading? Leave a comment and let me know. I’m always happy to get book recommendations. My recommendation for you?

How about some Pepper SoupHappy Endings + Great Writing = Instant Happy Place.



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  • Zephyr says:

    I’m reading ‘Nudge’ by Richard Thaler and C.Sunstein. ‘Thinking fast and slow’ by Daniel Kahneman, ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and ‘When Breath becomes air’ are next in line.

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