It’s Day 17 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge in the Timiverse (the Universe which revolves around me). One day I will write about this place (smirk) but today, I will write about No Romance December some more, and then a little about books in my TBR pile.

But first, an actual PSA – there’s an update on Maryam’s interview:

What inspired your story?

I always write about boys and girls and crushes and I felt it was time to write about another type of relationship, a mother-daughter one. So I cooked up a fictional story and centered it around a very real guava tree we have in our house.

Who’s Maryam? (Gasp!) Check out the entire interview here.

Now No Romance December and by No Romance, I mean no romance novels. What else would I mean? SMH. How is it going? Apparently, my breaking point is two weeks (and apparently this is some sort of confession. Bleurh!). I fell off the wagon yesterday and skimmed through some Kristen Ashleys and Penny Reids. I actually don’t want to read a new romance novel, and trust me, I have plenty in my TBR pile. But I was feeling out of sorts and romance novels have always been my go-to sorta outta. Sigh.

Sister Timi, you should pray more!

I hear ya. It’s on my to-do list. Lord, have mercy.

Anyway, in the bleary, cold light of day (I have obviously not left the safety of my air-conditioned house), my brain has decided to get back on the wagon, so back on the wagon we go. I went through a bunch of The Goo’s books but the Shawn the Sheep book broke me. She even has a new Captain Underpants book (Book 10. Does anyone know where we can get books 1 -9?) but I am feeling very blah blah about it. So blah blah, I can’t even be bothered to use an actual word. Sigh.

Anyway, my TBR pile ie. books on my shelf that I haven’t read (the TBR ebooks are too many to even think of). For today’s post, I’ll tell you a bit about books that I bought this year but I haven’t read.

  1. World building Research: I got a lot of Professor Alagoa’s books on Ijaw/Izon culture and history. I am yet to read one. I’ve started a couple then my brain explodes with ideas then I get distracted then I forget I was studying/researching and then…the poor book is abandoned.
  2. I Love Surprises: I discovered that the bookshop at the Palms, Lekki does this thing where they tie up three books together with a ribbon and sell all three for N1000 or N2000. It’s like a book surprise! My method was to pick a bundle with a book or author that I wanted or was curious about and then be surprised by the rest. I got my Roald Dahls from there and the Winnie the Pooh and some others I can’t remember right now. I also got the Doctor Who’s from there. They weren’t in bundles. Still made me very happy though.
  3. Great Finds: Then Glendora at Ikeja City Mall had some sort of sale going on, or their books are very well priced. I could be wrong. I have no balance when it comes to books. I cannot be trusted.  Anyway, I got a hardback Jayne Ann Krentz and a beautifully illustrated Lewis Carroll, among other things.  Oh yeah, French Women Don’t Get Fat was from Glendora. Hardback at about N2500. I was ecstatic. I’ve already read it though so it doesn’t make this list. Also, cheap (ish) books and great finds aside, I’m sentimental about Glendora because I have some of my dad’s books and he used to shop at Glendora so yeah…
  4. The Shop Around The Corner: PAGE Book Connoisseurs opened on Allen. Let’s take a moment to laugh in glee. I got Africa 39 and Ghost Stories (they were also at that Book Fair thingy) and some other books. Oh yeah, After edited by Ellen Datlow (already read it, though). They are also keeping some books safe for me till I liberate them with more money. But first I have to read the ones I already have (cue hysterical giggling).
  5. 1k Bookstand: This pains me to write because I discovered this instagram account and yes, the books were actually 1k. I got The Night Circus (THE NIGHT CIRCUS!!!), a Robin Cook, a Dean Koontz, an Alice Hoffman and the Pinocchio and Peter Pan that The Goo appropriated. AND THEN SHE CLOSED SHOP!!! Trying very hard not to cry right now. Oh yeah, and I haven’t read any of the books I bought from there. I will, I will. Although, I read Night Circus ages ago as an ebook before I bought the print copy because NIGHT CIRCUS!!!
  6. She Was Judging Me: You know how there are all these book recommendations flying around the interweb and you ignore them and then one day you are confronted by how you really should read those books. It’s a little bit of peer pressure but also some sort of subconscious feeling of necessity (or peer pressure in disguise?) Anyway, I say Luvvie Ajayi’s TED talk and I asked myself, “Self, why haven’t you read her book?” And self didn’t respond (she may have been sulking about something that day). I also asked myself about The Girl Entrepreneur, The Pressure Cooker and Longthroat Memoirs, then we ordered them on Roving Heights. They will probably not be cracked open till next year. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re judging me.
  7. New Bookshop Smell: A new bookshop opened on Opebi, in the Osata Supermarket compound. What was I supposed to do? Not go in? Not wander around? Not pick up a book or four? In my defense, three of them were for the kids. And the last one was a very important book that will help (try to help?) me beat procrastination – Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I plan to read it. Soon.

Did I overwhelm you with all this book talk? My apologies. You know what will make you feel better? Yup! Some Pepper Soup. Available on OKADABOOKS, KOBO or AMAZON.



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