How are you? Whatchu been up to?

Me? I pretty much slept the week away. I want to believe that I’m just paying off the sleep deficit I’ve acquired over the years because the sleep that I slept ehn! And not better night sleep o! No! Daytime sleeping till noon like…like…some big, lazy cat.

Then again, Garfield is one of my heroes so I guess I’m good.

Seriously though, I’ve been feeling bad about my lazy week of rest. Probably much needed but still, I got no writing done; I did binge read romance novels though so yay; I didn’t exercise and I fell off the diet wagon. Sob. And January isn’t even over.

How will I *insert goal” if I can’t keep up the daily habits?

Anyone else feel this way? Big hug. But wait, I do have some good news.

I lost 5 grams this week. That’s half a kilogram, for the non-math people. Big deal? I think so. Why?

Because that’s some progress, right there. Minuscule, but still progress. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been half-assing everything but if I can get this far when I’m half-assing it, what happens when I badass it.

Yes, I used badass as a verb. Because as a badass, I can. Also, my blog, my words.

Let’s look at the writing, I’m at approx 18k words. Yes, a lot of fat, but by the end of November (nanowrimo), I was at approx 12k words. That’s 6k words since then, all half-assed, over Christmas no less.

(I tend to get Christmas crazy with the prepping and cooking and stuff).

Anyhoo, progress! Could it be better? Definitely, but just showing up, and putting my badass self in a chair yields rewards. Small rewards but na at all, at all wey bad pass.

What about you? What are you going to show up for and half ass your way through? Remember, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Just show up and shoot your shot!


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