Lilian is an engineer. Lilian is a writer. Lilian travels the world and tortories me on Instagram with her pictures, but it’s okay, I still love her. For one thing, she’s a UNIBEN Alumni (like me), A Farafina Workshop Alumni (like me) and she’s a talented writer who also contributed to the Farafina anthology, A Handful of Dust (cough cough, like me).

We could be twins! Except for the obvious differences. Here’s Lilian!

Describe yourself in five words.

Resilient.Happy.Work-in-progress.Cheerful. Lillian.

Why those five words?

You didn’t let me have more than five.

What do you do for fun?

Read, Travel, People-watch, Take photographs, Call-up friends

Which would you prefer – a quiet evening at home, or a night out on the town? Why?

None of the above.

What’s your favourite TV show? Why?

I don’t really watch TV but I’ll probably choose This Is Us. Because, hope and humanity and vulnerability and love.

What’s your favourite drink?

Anything with pineapple and coconut flavours

What’s your favourite snack?


What’s your favourite dish?

Chicken whareva…

Do you like Pepper Soup?


What’s your favourite type of Pepper Soup?

Catfish peppersoup

Photo credit: Sisi Yemmie

Why did you agree to contribute to this anthology?

Because You asked. Haha. Because, it’s no longer easy to find happy endings and I wanted to create one.

What inspired your story?

Many women that I know

Do you think happy endings are important? Why?

Yes I do, because much of the world is already too dire.

What’s your favourite kind of happy ending?

I thought happy was the only kind of happy ending?

What is the hardest thing about writing happy endings?


What’s your favourite book? Why?

Err, my Bible. Because, where else would you find so many love letters in one place?

Who are your favourite authors? Why?

That would be Stephen King, because his imagination awes me; Junot Diaz, because he writes with such abandon and Neil Gaiman, because his wit is classic.

Which books have most influenced your writing?

ChimamandaAdichie’s Purple Hibiscus, Jamaica Kincaid’s story “Girl”

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

To travel and tell people’s stories

Which writers inspire you?

Junot Diaz, Chimamanda, Suyi Davies

What have you written?

A Handful of Dust(An anthology)

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Instagram: @halfpintel

Facebook: Lilian Izuorah
Blog: Contributes to,

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Lilian’s story The Unraveling and all the other stories in Pepper Soup are now available on the following platforms:

AMAZON              KOBO               OKADABOOKS



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