Look who’s here and turning 30

By 23rd October 2012 3 Comments

First of all, apologies. It’s been four years and I did nothing with this blog after the first post (bad Timi), but I’m here now. I have been writing and every Thursday, you’ll get one Blast From The Past post. It will be an article, or a rant, or an unfinished short story, or the first words of an abandoned novel.

Yeah, I suppose you’ve noticed that things have stalled, and by that I mean, I stalled. It’s kinda of a long story, and so every Monday, you will get a Back Story post.

And by now, you must have noticed, that I’m pulling these days out of my tushie (The Goo will probably read this someday), and you will have rightly deduced that I have near no idea of what I am doing. I’m hoping you can relate and find comfort, or just hilarity in my musings and mess ups till I make it (you see what I did there).

Anyway, I’m back, and I’m here to knock your socks off (or blow up my kitchen trying). Speaking of which, I’m boiling rice for Papa Goo. Later, darlings!

PS. Guess who’s turning 30 in a couple of days?

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