So…how many of you know Steve Harris?

Show of hands please.


If you don’t, check out his website.

Anyway, Harris is a life strategist. A kind of life coach meets bully. Seriously.

He just threatened to kick me off his program, if I didn’t get here straightaway and update this ‘ere blog.

So here I am. Hey, Harris *waving frantically*. We good?

Phew! The thing is, I’m not a brat. Or a difficult person. (ignore my lengthening nose please). I’m actually a well rounded individual with goals and deadlines and timelines, and do not at all struggle with procrastination, or poor time management, or an inability to prioritize. Nah! I’m damn near perfect.

My one flaw? I’m so talented, I think I can do everything.

It’s true.

*Big grin*

Anyway, I’m sorry. Again. I got lazy. And a little overwhelmed. And mostly lazy. And so when the internet started acting up for a couple of days, I didn’t come back. It’s nothing personal I love that I have a blog, and that some people take time to check it out and even leave comments. Seriously! Like Wow! However, I’m a commitment-phobe so you’re gonna have to be patient with me. Love me through my great days, and the days I don’t show up without so much as a by your leave.


I’ll make it worth your while. Honest. Just ask my husband.

And with that segue, check out Papa Goo’s YouTube channel How She Left My Brother

PS. Yes, I know I owe you the rest of the egg shower. Wait till Thursday. Please. If I put it up now, then I may disappear for another 2 (or has it been 3) weeks.

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