First off, great news!

Pepper Soup was one of the books recommended for the week by Okada Books.


Do you see us?
Do ya? DO YA?
I want to say a big thank you to Okada Books for recommending us, and to all the readers who have bought copies – Thank you! You’re awesome!
We’re still selling at the Special Release Price but it will be back to business as usual by March 1st. So if you want to get it at N500, you have one day left. After February 28th (yes, February has only 28 days this year), we retail at our regular price of N1000. Why? Because despite what the rumours say, writers do not survive on fairy dust. You keep us alive! You have the power!!!
Okay, I’ll stop all that silliness (not really, but feel free to remain hopeful), and move on to the recipe for purchase. That’s right! I give you –
1. Go to the Google Play store. Search for the Okada Books app.
2. Install the Okada Books app. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.
3. Open the Okada Books app.
You’ll be taken to the store’s featured books page.
Pepper Soup is currently at the top of the page, and so you’ll have no trouble finding it. However, if things change and Pepper Soup is no longer the first thing you see (deep breaths, Timi), then you can search for it, easy peasy.
4. Before you try to buy our beloved book, you will need to sign in. Calm down, they’ve made it easy for you. Just click the menu bar (those parallel lines floating next to Store), and select Sign In.

You’ll be taken to this page, where you can sign up with a Username and Password, or sign in with Facebook.
I honestly don’t know what happens when you sign up with a Username and Password. I signed in with Facebook. It’s pretty painless, and the app won’t post updates on your page. Sweet!
4. Now that you’re signed in. Refill Your Account.
Click the menu bar (those parallel lines floating next to Store), and select Account/Refill. It will take you to the Account/Refill page. There will be a big yellow REFILL button. Click it, and you get this:

This is where some of us break into a cold sweat. It’s okay. You’re good. Everything is fine.
*hums soothing whale sounds*
Okada Books has got you covered by providing two ways to refill your account.
a. With your credit/debit card. Pretty basic stuff. Put in your card details. Put in amount you want to refill account with. Done! *dusts hands*
b. When you click for other refill options. You’re taken to this page.
Where you can refill your account WITH PHONE CREDIT!!!
I’ll be honest. This is the one that I find very exciting. The sheer convenience of it all! People were thinking, abeg!
Anyway get your credit, fill it up and Boom! You’re done. You can now buy Pepper Soup. Hurray!
4. Go back to the store. Gaze upon the beauty of our cover, then click it. You will be taken to the About Book page, where you will see a shiny yellow BUY button. 
Click the shiny yellow BUY button. A confirmation pop up will…pop up. Click OK.
5. Congratulations! You are now the owner of an epub copy of Pepper Soup. Well done, you!
PS. If you’re still having trouble with any of this, try these links:
How To Refill, on the app, and website.
Or, Call or WhatsApp their Okada Books Customer Care Line: +2348167247508.

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