How did you cross over?

Where were you and what were you doing?

Like most Nigerian Christians, I was at Church, praying my way into the New Year. My husband used to take umbrage at this way of moving into a New Year but he’s married to me now so umbrage or not, we go to Church.

I’m going to try really hard not to be preachy but this is my first post of the year (Yay!) so bear with me…

And now I’ve lost my train of thought (yup, old age).

Oh well, let’s talk about a much maligned word – Resolutions.

Do you have any?

I do:

Write. Finish a novel and edit 3 anthologies.

Read 50 books.

Be happy. Take deep breaths. Don’t be so easily offended.

Be emotionally independent. Do not allow other people’s mood swings swing your moods.

Love. Be patient. Be kind. Do not keep a record of wrongs.

That’s it.

There should be something about weight loss and exercise but those aren’t resolutions. They are on my to do list. Speaking of weight loss, here’s a little sumthin’ from the wonderful Miss Wana Wana. It’s called Weight Loss. I saw her perform it at Bogobiri and I loved it and her. If you ever can, see her live.

Anywhichway, Happy New Year.

Make Glorious Mistakes. Make Glorious Art.

PS. I figured out (more like discovered) how to do this. Phew!

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