Happy New Year!

By 23rd January 2017 6 Comments

Yes, I know it’s the 23rd. Just trust me and go with it.

So, once again, Happy New Year!

Christmas was fun…

Back from church with YVC and The Goo

My sister got married…

The Goo as Aunty T4’s little bride. So serious!

And we crossed over into 2017. Yay!

Papa Goo and The Goo at Crossover Service.
(Taking selfies to stay awake)

So now that we are here, what’s the plan? 

Something called Pepper Soup.

What’s that, you ask? Will you be starting a Pepper Soup delivery service? Will you be going round to restaurants and bukas and joints to critique their Pepper Soup? Will there be a Soup of the week competition, where the winning soup gets a special blog post?

No. All good ideas, but no.

Although that one about going to restaurants…no, lets focus.

What is Pepper Soup?

Well, according to culinary genius and my very own personal, close friend (who I haven’t seen this year, but we still love each other), @chefnylah – Pepper Soup is a traditional broth with great nutritional and medicinal value, which can be made with any fleshy protein.

And it’s yummy too.

But that’s not what’s happening here.

The Pepper Soup I speak of is a collection of short stories from seven very special writers. I will be revealing their identities very soon in a series of author interviews, and who knows, you might find a new favourite author.

I edited this anthology of twelve short stories which will be released into the world in a few weeks, and I am excited and nervous and nauseous but mostly, super proud of what we’ve achieved. I hope you love it as much as we do.

PS. As an aside, is anybody eating Pepper Soup today? Send me a picture, so I can put it up in the run up to release day.

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