Continued from Don’t Be Stupid!

Doneyifa ignored the crab and pushed off the rock and once again, started to sink. The crab swam around her, waving its pincers in her face, hysterical as it said, “Do you have a death wish?”

Doneyifa’s smile was thin line as she replied, “Why wish for something that has already happened?”

“For one thing, this death will hurt”, said the crab and it swum below her and pinched her bottom, that is to say, it pinched the part of the tail where her bottom used to be.

Doneyifa flapped said tail at the sting, and tried to swing the crab away but instead the pinch tightened and instead Doneyifa ended up thrashing about as she attempted to get rid of her unwelcome passenger.

“Let go”, she yelled, and to her surprise, the crab did, releasing her and shooting past her in a fast swim. Suspicious of this complete reversal, Doneyifa peered down and wondered if the mouth of the cave didn’t look a little bit darker.

Feeling stupid, but determined to explore this ridiculous afterlife, she called out, “Hello?”

She felt the earth move, and her heart thundered in her chest. Maybe this was not the wisest path. She pushed upwards with her arms, and tried swinging her tail in a more coordinated manner, and was relieved when she moved upwards to the surface.

But, it was too late.

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