Doneyifa tried not to move, but her feet instinctively kicked out, keeping her at eye level with the creature. The creature which was smiling at her with a too wide mouth that contained too many sharp, pointed teeth. The creature that watched her with unblinking eyes as black as night, as unforgiving as the depths of the sea.

The flaps, gills, by Doneyifa’s neck tickled as her breath caught.

She waited to be eaten.

The creature giggled causing it’s sinuous body to writhe and thrash the water.

“I don’t eat humans” it said, its words carrying clearly underwater, “At least, not anymore. It annoys my sister and your taste is not worth the trouble. I prefer chicken”.

“Who are you?”

“Ah, finally it speaks”, the grin returned, “So this mouth flapping actually puts you lot at ease. Hmm. Feni was on to something”.

“Feni?” Doneyifa’s eyes bulged. Was this creature talking about…

“You know my sister?”

Her sister? That would mean she was…

Doneyifa took in the creature fully, eyes as black as night, teeth to rip apart flesh no matter what she claimed, long, black, huge snake like form attached to the head of a great lizard.

“You cannot be The Great Mother?”

“Why not?”, was the response, this time bemused, this time she moved, circling Doneyifa like the creature on the beach.

“You’re the one who…you killed me!”

“But you’re not dead”

“I have gills!”

It chortled, “How else would you breathe under water?”

Doneyifa sobbed, “This isn’t what I asked for. I asked-

“You got what you asked for”

“I didn’t ask to be turned into whatever this is” Doneyifa yelled, her fury rising. The creature reared its head, and Doneyifa’s lowered hers, avoiding its eyes. She felt herself being studied by the creature, and wondered if this was it.

“I told you I won’t eat you”, it huffed, “I have a greater purpose for you. You will be the first of my children”

Doneyfia shook her head, “Do I have a choice?”

The head lowered as the black eyes sought out hers. “You chose when you knelt in that circle. You called me. It cannot be undone”.

“That is not why I… I didn’t call you. I didn’t want this!”

The creature threw its head, scoffing as it resumed coiling around her. “I am only able to receive the willing, and you came willingly”.

“The Chief Priest said the offerings were to bring Waridi back!”

“And they have. In a manner. But did he not also tell you that only a life can pay for a life?”

The coils tightened around Doneyifa.

“What are you doing?” she asked, pushing at the creature’s body as it tightened around her arms.

“Making you mine” it replied as it made the final rotation and its head came level with Doneyifa’s face.

“I don’t want to be yours”

That grin again, “Too late”, then it squeezed. Feni struggled but then the grin returned, with the words, “And you’re right. I’m not The Great Mother. I’m her other sister”. Terror filled her and she pushed back with all her strength until the world went black.

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