Show of hands if that describes you in any way, form or manner.

*raises hand and waves*

Yup, I thought so. I’m a card carrying member of that merry band, along with Procrastinators Anonymous. I’m also the mother of The Goo, who when she says the magic word, “@*%”x@” transforms into Super Goo, The Nocturnal Terror.

(PS. The Nocturnal Terror is only one of her many aliases)

Anyway, I’m part of this Blog Tour, invited by my good friend and fellow mummy-writer, Sifa Asani Gowon – . The deal is she mentioned me on her blog (last Monday) and answered some questions, and then (This Monday) I mention her and three other bloggers, and answer some questions.

It’s like a chain letter for blogs, men, dude!

(Does it show that I am sleep deprived?)

So first, the questions:

1. What am I working on?
I am working on (putting the finishing touches on) Anthology 2. It’s a collection of stories by female Nigerian writers invited by yours truly to give us Nigerian happy endings. Why happy endings? I’m glad you asked – ‘cos the world is depressing as it is. I would like to read something that gives me hope, that tells me it’s okay to dream a way out of this pit we’ve dug ourselves into (talking to you, Nigerians!). So yeah. We’re basically done, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll be sending it to the publisher, and then going to pray 😀

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don’t know. Happy endings, I suppose.
(That makes no sense)
I don’t know – I haven’t really decided on a genre of choice, so I can’t say. Feel free to call me Madam Gender-Bender.
(Wait. What?)

3. Why do I write what I do?
I like to make people feel. If I can tug at an emotion then I’m happy. Oddly enough, writing happy endings is not exactly easy. (It’s not easy, Period!) But it’s worth it.

4. How does my writing process work?
That’s a funny question.
Hmm. Well, first my internal discipline lever is broken so yeah…but external pressure (I’m ashamed to say) like deadlines are great. That’s why the anthologies plan for the year 2014 is so great for me. But my process specifically – I ignore everything else – The Goo, Papa Goo, Meals, Housework and so on – and write. If it’s good, yay! If it’s not delete, and try again. Later…

So that’s me (gosh, I’m entertaining). Next week, you’ll hear from:

Kiah, who reads and writes, and likes to eat fried plantain, every day, all day.

Pamela Agboga, who writes poems, playlets, short stories and articles.  She recently published her first novel, Weekends are For Loving, and is currently working on a movie script with a friend. She loves reading novels, and watching movies as much as writing, maybe even more, and hopes to beat her writing deadlines this year…so far so good.

Xavier Ighorodje, who is a writer of weird fiction, and has not seen it fit to supply his photograph or a bio. So hopefully, this will do (and shame him a little. Muah ha ha!)

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