Doneyifa tried to breathe and water filled her nostrils. Terrified, she opened her eyes, and inhaled some more water. Her arms flailed as she looked around and took in the deep, liquid darkness. She looked up, but there was no light. Was she that deep underwater or was it night time? She decided to get a grip on herself and swim upwards. How long could it take? She could hold her breath until…

She wasn’t choking.

She inhaled. Water want into her nostrils. Her chest expanded with…air?

She exhaled, and felt a tickling sensation between her jaw and her neck.

She inhaled, treading water, underwater. The desire to reach the surface completely forgotten.

She exhaled. The tickle return. With a sob, that caused bubbles…bubbles to escape from her nose, she moved her fingers across her jaw till it got to the point which tickled again when she exhaled, and felt three short flaps of skin move.

It can’t be true.

She touched the other side of her jaw. Those were just stories…right?

She glanced at her feet. They were still feet.

“Where you expecting a tail?” 

Doneyifa spun around, kicking wildly but froze when she saw the creature.

It smiled at her, “You’ll do nicely”.

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