Hurray! It’s Cover Reveal Day!

For the blog.

If you follow me on Twitter, @TimenduCA or Instagram,, then you’ve already seen it, but still, hurray!

Behold the shiny goodness…

But wait! There’s more – Pepper Soup will be live on Okada Books on Friday the 10th of February. That’s right, in a week! Seven Days! 168 hours! Hallelujah!
But wait! There’s MORE – it will be released at the discounted price of N500.
Yup, this helping of tasty literary goodness will be sold at a discount for the month of February, because frankly, we’re just so happy to share this with you all. However, it goes back to our regular price of N1000 by March 1st, because writers need to eat or they’ll die and then there will be no more Pepper Soup for anyone. Sob. I know you won’t let that happen. 
Till then, do a celebratory dance, download the okada books app and count down the days. 

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