Me: I want a coke.

Myself: Take water.

Me: But I really want a coke.

Myself: Water is better.

Me: Cooooke!

Myself: How about fruit juice? Or fruit?

Me: Fruit juice? Hmm.

Myself: Better than a coke.

Me: Hmm. Coke.

Myself: How about a malt?

Me: Hmm. Maaalt.

Myself: Yup. Malt.

Me: I’d rather have a coke.

Myself: Why don’t you just get yourself a coke?

I am now drinking a coke.

In other news, Hey! It’s been a while. No, I have not been avoiding you. I’ve just been mostly knackered. All I had energy for after taking care of The Goo and Papa Goo was to read.



      2013 Reading Challenge


          2013 Reading Challenge


        Timendu has
             read 138 books toward her goal of 300 books.






        138 of 300 (46%)


          view books



So that’s what I’ve been up to.

Oh yeah, and I’ve upped my challenge goal back to 300. Fun times!

I know I should say something about my writing but honestly, I don’t want to. I will say, I ALWAYS expect things to be easy – school, marriage, childbirth (no words!), writing a book, but they NEVER are.

So…that’s all folks!

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