What Queen, you ask? Me. The Queen of Procrastination. A kingdom also known as the Land of Do-It-Tomorrow. A land full of happy, relaxed subjects who feast daily on Crocodile Pepper Soup caught from the Nile that runs through our prosperous land.

I’m thinking of abdicating though, especially since I’ve just ticked something major off my list.



Finally! Here’s the link: AMAZON

Go get a copy to warm up your kindle now!

We’re still available on Okada Books and Kobo, so we’ve got you covered.

But wait, there’s more! Tonight (unless the crocs get me), you get to finally meet Lilian! The talented young writer, engineer and world traveller who wrote The Unraveling, of which Adebola Rayo said,  In ‘The Unravelling’ by Lilian Izuorah, when she writes, ‘The streets were dusty and moved up and down like the waves at the beach’, I immediately recognise it as a creative but apt analogy for how Lagos streets are. In the same story, we see two generations of betrayed, ‘broken’ women putting themselves back together, pulling themselves up and standing with their heads high.

That’s just one of the stories in this warm bowl of Naija comfort reading. Have you read it yet? No? We’re in the Amazon Kindle Store now. Did you hear? Get it, read Lil’s story and check in tonight, so you can meet Lilian!

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