Hello Beautiful People!

Yes. I disappeared. Unless you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, then in that case, how you doing? For the rest of you anti-social media person (ha ha. It’s funny ‘cos I’m talking to myself), here I am.

Why did I disappear? Well, a lot of work had to be done on the day jobs – Tinsel (we’re about 2,200+ episodes in now and still going strong)  and Jemeji (writing is winding down. Hurray!). What else happened? Well, I turned 35.

Cheers! Screams! Fireworks!!! It was actually a low key something with family, friends and cake. There will always be cake.

Ooooh, I lost 9kg. Doctor’s orders, and I feel good. I went on the LIN (Lose it Nigerian) plan and it’s been fun. Still got about 5kg to go, and then *drum roll* new wardrobe! Because reward and also my clothes don’t fit anymore.

Anyway, I’m back! And I’m doing this challenge put out by Jeff Goins where I have to practice in public and put out 30 posts in 30 days. My soul is cringing but what the heck – Let’s be brave and I suppose some kind of shameless.

(What does that mean?) 

It means for the next 30 days, starting from yesterday (ha ha ha. She already missed one), you’ll get a daily post from me. Each one should be fiction. I have a couple of boards on pinterest where I’ve saved pictures that inspire me and remind me of the universe I’m building (I’m supposed to be building. Sigh). Anyway, the plan is to take a picture, put it up here and do some free writing. Word count? I don’t know. Anything can happen, but hopefully you’ll get more than 4 sentences (and now I’m thinking of how to get away with writing just 4 sentences per story).

Can you tell this makes me feel uncomfortable and a little weepy? It’s a sure sign that we are now entering ‘outside comfort zone’ territory. Sob. Pray for me. Send me good thoughts. Or Coconut Oatmeal cookies from Bon Delice. They’re pretty much the same thing. I won’t tell my LIN coach, if you don’t.

PS. Can we consider this the first post? Yes. You’re awesome! Alrighty then, some flash fiction in a bit.

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