I’ve used that as a blog title before, haven’t I?

Hmm. Oh well. Where were we?

Edited two more stories for the anthology. We’re getting closer.

Finished my Reading Challenge ages ago, and this even after I went up to 100 books. Obviously, reading is no challenge. Now, if I can get myself to read fewer romance novels and more…other stuff like…sigh…the classics, I suppose.

Sigh. I will. I did love To Kill A Mockingbird and Anna Karenina. Read them last year but a classic is a classic. And I did read No Longer At Ease this January. So, not bad.

Half bread is better than Donut.

Hee hee.

Anyhoo, The Goo is up and requiring Social Direction (or if we’re calling a spade a spade, Mummy’s undivided attention), but I promised you pictures. And you shall get them, ‘cos I got a camera for Christmas (oh yeah!).

Here’s a few (three, actually). More tomorrow (maybe).

Off to School

Mummy’s Little Helper
Papa Goo, hard at work


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