The Goo is 5 and Other Stories

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Today, this little precious bundle of joy

… is now five years old!
*cue marching band* *fireworks* *cheering crowd*
I’m just back from school after dropping off her birthday cake and party packs for her classmates. I hear you ask, along with my husband, hereby renamed Sugar Sugar (so sweet, I named him twice), if we’re ‘party pack people’ now. And to that I say, “Today, we are”.
Why? Because she’s five. I feel like she’s on the cusp of creating her own identity and it’s a kind of milestone.
And when I say on the cusp of creating her own identity, I mean, she’s beginning the journey.
Today, she likes Princesses, Superheroes, Star Wars and loves to dance. She likes to read and tell stories, and loves to tumble around with her little brother, the toddler formerly known as The Mighty One, now called Young Viking Chief.
Tomorrow she may like jazz, and decide she doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore.
Whatever happens, I trust that God carries her. She will not fail.
Today, I am happy that she’s five. Happy that she’s excited about her birthday, and truly ecstatic that I could add to the excitement with a princess cake, and party packs for her friends.

My cup runneth over.

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