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By 24th August 2008 One Comment

I have finally opened…started…begun…blogging. I have put this off for a while mostly because I’m not big on baring my soul before the world (Brendon Fraser in Bedazzled, “IT”S MY SOUL!”), but…after stalking all the other bloggers I decided it may not be a bad idea. Plus, I need to do some writing that isn’t work related. Wait! I’m getting off on the wrong foot…

I’m a twenty-something year old Nigerian female; first born of six kids, graduate of a Nigerian University with a B.Sc. in Banking and Finance, running an internet magazine (http://www.gypsyblack.com/), currently single but…working on that (hee hee hee), love to read, often broke ‘cos I spend too much on books (whatcha gonna do?).

I love to write, at least I’ve been saying that since I was 10 years old but lately the well has been dry…this blog is an experiment in digging deeper.

May God have mercy on your souls. (Muah ha ha)

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  • Wolfspirit says:

    Hi! I found your comment on my blog. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yeah it’s amazing how much I can spend on books. Currently facing a problem with getting Christmas presents due to my book shopping addiction lol.

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