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By 9th May 2016 6 Comments

It’s been a while.

We know how I roll so this should not be too much of a surprise (if at all). I just wanted to drop a couple of lines. Specifically, this and this.

The first is a literary journal that published my story, Origins from the anthology, A Handful of Dust, and the other is a magazine that published another story, Basket of Stones. Both stories are based on (in?) the fictional Izon Island, Pakrumo.

I was on Classic 97.3FM a couple of nights ago with my fellow writers – Walter Ude, Kelechi Njoku, and Tajudeen Koyejo to hang out and of course, talk about A Handful of Dust on Book on Review with Benjy.

From Left to Right: Tajudeen, Me, Walter, Benjy and Kelechi.

Before we went on air, I was nervous, and had the strongest urge to cough or sneeze. Don’t worry. I didn’t. Hee hee! When the show started, Benjy put us at ease in a matter of minutes and it became a fun evening of talking about our stories and our motivations as writers. I especially enjoyed hanging out with my fellow 2013 workshop participants, teasing each other and just rubbing minds. The show was on for an hour from about 9pm but we didn’t say goodbye till about 11pm. We spent the extra hour in conversation with Mr. George Simpson, who had some interesting stories to tell us. I hope he knows that everything he said to four writers will probably end up in a book.

By the time, I got home it was midnight and my kids were asleep. I think it’s weird how I miss them when they’re asleep but look forward to bedtime when they’re awake.

It is what is.

I still write for TV. I still enjoy it. It’s still a learning curve.

I’m still working on my first novel. I’ve just ordered some more research material. That should be fun.

The second anthology should be out soon. Fingers crossed! The wheels of publishing turn slowly but still I wait in excited anticipation.

My cup runneth over 🙂

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