I’m a Writer: A Day in the Life

By 13th November 2012 No Comments

Hi! Tuesday meets me ignoring the dishes in the sink, and the mess in the bedrooms. I need, I want, I have to…(Don’t you just love pressure)…write 5 articles for a client. Now this client has been very understanding, but enough is enough. I need to finish not just so I can fulfill my obligation to them for the year, not just so I can get my money (Yay! money), but also so I can get down with my nanowrimo project: Good Intentions. A novel about love, marriage and expectations. I’m hoping it will be Jodi Picoult meets Marian Keyes.

Anyway, 5 articles. To write. Today.

Each 800 words (no big deal).

Will I write all 4,000 words tonight? It’s possible, but I don’t think I will. Actually, I don’t know if I can, but who knows.

Wish me luck. Or whatever it is that will give me the ginger.

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