The first post of the year!

In March.

Yay, anyway. Half Bread is better than Puff Puff.

Right?¬†Anyway, I’m here now. What brought me out of hiding? I miss my dad. I’m reading the end of Stephen King’s On Writing and he’s describing an accident and now I’m wondering what my dad must have been thinking or feeling during/after his accident. Thanks, Mr. King.But I can’t give Mr. King all the credit. Some (extended) family decisions are about to be made and it would have been nice (ha! understatement) to have his input. Even if it’s just so I can disagree with him.

Anyway. So. Yeah.

In other news, did you watch the Jemeji finale? Did you watch Jemeji at all?

Are you watching Tinsel?

What do you watch? Or are you more of a reader?

I’m more of a reader but day job is TV so TV I must watch (hee hee hee).

Ooooh, and is anyone doing a reading challenge this year?

And finally, any writers out there? Gotten any writing done this year. Usually, this is the part I say, yeah but that’s just my day job but gosh darn it, my day job is pretty cool and I like the stories we (as in writing team) come up with. So yeah, been writing up a storm and making up stuff and getting paid for it.

Sure, my sleep cycle is messed up, but if I didn’t have deadlines, then I would be up reading anyway.

(I have deadlines and I’m still up reading anyway).

So. Yeah. Happy Belated New Year. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. Happy Belated International Women’s Day. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.

Hopefully, I won’t miss Easter.

PS. Word of the Day – Belated.

Let’s Play: Use ‘Belated’ in your comments below.



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