The ebb and flow of the waters woke Doneyifa up. She was on her back and felt sand beneath her, just as the waters came and swept some of it away. She opened her eyes to see the night sky with the stars winking at her and she smiled. It was all a dream.

The waters swept in and she tried to move her legs but what she got instead was a strange flapping. A throat closed up and she tried again, and again the flapping.  She looked at her legs but they were gone. In their place was oily smooth, skin that tapered off into a wide tail that flapped against the waves.

She reached for her neck, and yes the gills were still there.

It was true. The stories were true. Bagdor had turned her into a mammywater.

She looked around, but the goddess was nowhere in sight. What was she supposed to do now?

Her tail flapped of its own accord, as the waves swept in then away, as if in reply.

Where would she go though? Mammywaters were not the only things in the deep according to the stories and it would not be in her best interest to meet them.

The tail flapped. The waves sang. The stars winked at her, and Doneyifa tried to weigh her options. She could stay on this beach till someone found her but then she would be powerless if they had evil intentions considering she had no legs to run. She could roll herself into the water and try to find Bagdor or some other spirit that could explain to her what was going on and maybe help her undo all this. The second option held greater appeal. On the other hand, Bagdor or whichever spirt she found may decide to do something worse to her or just kill her. So really, it all boiled down to a choice of which problem to tackle – dangerous men or dangerous spirits. Dangerous men could definitely not fix her problem. Dangerous spirits could.

And at the thought, she lay down on the sand and with her arms, pushed and rolled herself into the waves with a flap and a splash. The current took her out and she tried to stay afloat with her arms but her tail completely lacked coordination and was of no help and Doneyifa began to sink.

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