Blast from The Past Thursday (on a Sunday morning)

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My apologies. I was out of town, in Ijebu-Ode (more on that later), and couldn’t post anything. The internet connection was the stuff scary movies are made of – you know, remote location, unfamiliar locals, and no contact with the outside world. At least, the phones worked so hey, aal iz well.

Now on to business, I missed Blast from The Past Thursday, but I have no intention of depriving you, nehi (yeah, I enjoy the odd Bollywood movie). Here’s a short story that I actually finished. First draft, that is. Then abandoned. Enjoy!


“I want to thank you all for coming”, said C.K., with a smile. “It’s a great honour”, he continued, “to have so many close friends here to celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of my chick-

“Our chick, dear”, Mrs. Jones whispered behind him. The crowd laughed, and C.K. grinned.

“Of course, dear”, he said, beaming, “our chick”. He turned around to face her, “I also want to thank you dear”, she lowered her head with a small smile, “I want to thank you for saying yes to me one year ago at the watering hole.”

His wife murmured something inaudible, and lowered her head.

He continued, “I know my dazzling good looks and amazing moves would have wowed any female at the dance” he turned back to their guests and wriggled the crown of gold feathers on his head, “and believe me they did”. The crowd laughed. “But you didn’t have to marry me, and that’s something I never take for granted”, he said, turning back to his wife who had raised her head just enough to catch his eye and smile at him. He smiled back, and spread out his wings to hug her.

“Oh how sweet” sniffed a giraffe, and the other guests smiled and nodded in agreement. “Yes it is, isn’t it?” said a Zebra, “but I still say he shouldn’t be here. A male at an egg shower? It’s unheard of.”

“I’m sure he-”

“He couldn’t stand his wife getting all this attention, that’s what.” said the Zebra, cutting off a meerkat.

“SSSh! Let’s not be rude.” said the giraffe, “he’s started talking again.

Another giraffe moaned, “Does he ever stop?”

“You can be sure our chick will get my good looks, and intelligence. Breeding always wins out”, C.K. was saying, “and of course, he’ll get a lot of good things from his mother, of course.”

“Like patience”, muttered another meerkat.

“Of course, my son will learn everything I know which I learned from my father before me.”

“Oh blue sky! Someone make him stop!” said another zebra, slumping against the trunk of a giraffe, “or he’ll talk us straight through the night”.

“-and we can be sure that the young crane will marry the brightest and best female of his time just like his father.”

“Hear! Hear!” said a raspy voice. C.K. looked down from his perch on the acacia tree and noticed a hyena in the midst of his guests of zebras, meerkats and giraffes.

“Zelda, my friend” he said, spreading his wings to hide his wife and egg, “so good of you to come.”

Zelda laughed, and said, “I wouldn’t have missed your big celebration for all the water in the savannah, dear friend.”

to be continued (on Thursday)

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